Chefmist Zisig

Best Tasting Sisig in the World, Why take the HUSTLE?

Have you been to different restaurant and order your favorite sisig and you try to taste that first bite and you say ” Oh Lord, what kind of sisig is this?” Worry no more, Chefmist Zisig is one of the best tasting Sisig sisig-gif-2in the world.
Chefmist sisig is called “Zisig”, they have been selling these to the locals of Cebu, most of their clients are big restaurants.
Due to the demand of the community, they packed it to 200g, 400g and 1000g and they also customized packing according to your needs. They have Bangus Sisig, Chicken Sisig and Pork Sisig and Bulaklak Sisig.
Most sisig lovers go and dine with the hustle of lining up and waiting in the restaurant, but not anymore. Chefmist Zizig is pre-cooked and ready to eat product.

WHY Chefmist  Zisig is different from others?

Chefmist Zizig is specially prepared and undergone special process to achieve such quality and the price? very very affordable. It is easy for a food enthusiast to eat this delectable special food avoiding the hustle of traffic on the road.

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